cambodia humanitarian agency
cambodia humanitarian agency

Humanitarian help in Cambodia 
Floating school in Cambodia
Our agency Humanitarian help in Cambodia
our humanitarian aid in cambodia, 4 floating schools

cambodia humanitarian agency

cambodia humanitarian agency

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humanitarian actions

 Hello, Welcome to Cambodia Laos Vietnam

Our Humanitarian Action

 "Travel Useful "

One of our humanitarian help in Cambodia

   floating Schools on the Tonle Sap

As a humanitarian agency funds our four floating schools, we provide supplies and manufacturing uniforms for children in these schools (currently 460 children) and a salary supplement for teachers because with their government salary they could not live and they dont come to work! When you travel with our agency, you participate in these actions by the profit we do


460 students who come in every day from small boats floating home village of Chong Kneas
in these schools we help children and teachers. (photos taken during the dry season,
there is very little water in the channel. but in the rainy season, the lake increases from 4 to 5m high and schools too)



schools have become too small for the number of children who come from the floating village





Chong Kneas floating village


Children in these schools come from the floating village of Chong Kneas
a thousand ships, more than 10,000 people live there
It is in all sinners and fish tanks are installed under the "boat houses" that float on bamboo or large cans. They practice fish husbandry and fishing and also raise some crocodiles. Sinners and their families (many) spend their lives on these boats are patched and very rarely on the ground, most of their provisions are sold by craft vendors. Only a few hundred children who are in school, went every day to the floating school all near Siem Reap, they also are happy when they can go for a ride on the ground ..



 Students go to school by boat, by grouping several families, larger for smaller rowing. Long ago they practice carpooling ..! Very often, when school is out, they join their father to place threads and participate in fishing for the family

in Cambodia, there are many floating villages, the most important are those of Chong Kneas, Kompong Chhnang and Kompong Luong , but we need more schools..


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